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Now you can have specific Cut, Color, Carat, & Clarity! Buy a wholesale diamond that you and your loved one desire the most.

wholesale diamonds

Nothing beats the brilliance of a diamond. But how can you choose the diamond that is both right for you and under your price range? We specialize in the marketing of registered diamonds as a direct diamond importer and dealer. You will notice The Diamond Vault distinction when you visit our public showroom or see diamonds in our store. They are wholesale diamonds, so your hunt for Wholesale Diamonds in Phoenix ends here.

Wholesale Diamonds Phoenix
What are Wholesale Diamonds Phoenix

what are wholesale diamonds?

A diamond wholesaler is someone who sells diamonds at wholesale prices. Essentially, he buys diamonds in bulk and receives a substantial discount for the volume. So, if you like wholesale diamonds, you can contact a wholesaler. Finer Jewelry is pleased to provide a diverse range of wholesale diamonds in Phoenix. If you are looking to use a bulk diamond for your one-of-a-kind-jewels, this means you are having the highest quality for the price you pay. If you are purchasing wholesale diamonds or already made bulk diamond jewelry, you should be aware of whether you are purchasing high-quality diamonds or not. As a result, please double-check the qualification. Finer Jewelry sells wholesale diamonds that have been properly certified. These certifications are identified by a specific identification number, which can be validated by GIA through its website.

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The brilliance of diamonds is based on their precisely cut facets; however, the color and transparency of diamonds both play a role in displaying their fire and shimmer. The number and angles of facets cut in a diamond determine its form and shine. Divergent diamond types are chosen by women and men based on their preferences and personalities. Only when adorned with a precious diamond shape coveted by millions does any type of jewelry become enticing. GIA-approved wholesale diamonds are available in square shapes such as the Princess cut, Asscher cut, Emerald cut, and Radiant cut, as well as a variety of fancy shapes such as the Pear shape, Heart shape, and so on. Again, the iconic round diamond shape, cushion cut diamond, and oval diamond all captivate with their unparalleled allure and fire. Browse our vast collection of exquisitely made diamond rings and other jewels, all produced by our master craftsmen. We still have a fantastic collection of high-quality wholesale diamonds of all shapes and sizes, all of which are sold at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Diamonds Shape Phoenix
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