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What traits should you seek in a diamond broker?

Only a diamond broker can assist you in getting the best possible price for your diamonds. Here are some of the traits of a diamond broker you need to check-


To act as a diamond broker, each diamond buyer needs to be certified. To get the task done, verify his qualifications when visiting his office or online.

Honesty and integrity

The diamond dealer should not take advantage of your inexperience by taking advantage of you. He should be able to explain why he is adding to or subtracting from the transaction.


The diamond broker should be able to persuade you to accept or reject the offer he makes. He should want to help you rather than just offer a fee and expect you to pay or accept it.

What traits should you seek in a diamond broker
Valuation of Diamonds

Valuation of Diamonds

There are approximately 30 factors, according to the Gemological Institute of America, that contribute to more exact pricing when selling diamonds. Unfortunately, some of these factors need sophisticated knowledge and a trained eye to detect, therefore they are not all available to the typical diamond owner. You could instead think about the "four C's."

As previously stated, the four C's are the most important criterion used to determine a diamond's price when it is sold. The four C's are cut, carat, clarity, and color.

The cut is the most difficult of the four elements to master. A well-cut diamond will reflect a lot of brilliant light, but a bad-cut diamond will not reflect well and will mostly leave from the bottom of the diamond. The diamond's symmetry and size are also important elements in determining the cut's consistency.

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