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Are you looking for the best place to sell diamond rings in Houston? Do you want to buy or sell your diamonds in Houston? If yes, you are in the right place.

How to sell or buy diamonds?

Diamonds sellers or buyers are not easily available. You have to make an effort to find diamond brokers. Though diamonds are considered sort of a commodity, each diamond is priced differently. This is because its value is determined by the 4Cs- Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.
Any of the diamond brokers in Houston would first examine the diamond minutely and ask for its certifications. The certifications, from internationally recognized organizations like the GIA, certify its origins, features and characteristics. Based on this, the diamond broker will quote a price depending on the certificates and the local rates for each diamond.

How to sell or buy diamonds?

What are the qualities of a diamond broker you should look for?

If you want a fair price for your diamonds, only a diamond broker can help get the right price for you. Here are some of the qualities of a diamond broker you need to check-


Each diamond buyer in Houston should be certified for working as a diamond broker. When visiting his office or website, do check his certifications to get the job done.

Honesty and integrity

The diamond broker should not take advantage of you being a novice. He should be able to explain why he is charging or deducting money from the transaction.


The diamond broker should be able to interest you in taking or giving what he quotes. He should have a desire to help you, not just quote a price and expect you to pay up or accept.

Attention to detail

Everyone in the diamond business has to have attention to detail. They need to know every aspect of the diamond before making an offer or quoting a price.

Understands the local diamond market

Diamond prices also depend on local market rates. Your broker should know the market well so that he can give you a reasonable quote or charge you accordingly.

Why choose Finer to buy or sell diamonds?

Why choose Finer to buy or sell diamonds?

Finer diamonds has an experienced team of master diamantaires who know the exact worth of every diamond they sell. They know how much a diamond is worth based on each of its characteristics. Finer jewelry buys all kinds of diamonds, natural, man-made and even salt & pepper diamonds. There may be no other diamantaires who offer so many services in one location in Houston.

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