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A collateral loan is referred to as a PAWN. You don't have to go to your local bank to get a loan.

Bring any valuable item in when you need a quick cash loan. We'll assess your item, assign a value to it, keep it for you, and lend you money right away. We will return your article once you have returned the cash plus a tiny interest. Until you are ready to pick up your things, they are kept in our safe & insured facility.

Loans range from one to six months in length. If you don't have the whole amount due on the due date, simply pay the interest, and your loan will automatically renew for another period. It is transparent and equitable.

Union Jewelers Exchange facility offers convenient and simple cash loans in exchange for a valuable item! Bring in your new or used gold, jewelry, diamonds, watches, or anything else of worth for an immediate cash loan. Loans are issued in 1 to 6-month increments at a low monthly interest rate of 4.5 percent, and the cash loan can be received as many times as needed depending on the item's worth(s). You have the choice of paying the interest owing and extending the loan for another time OR paying the interest plus the principal amount and redeeming the item once the loan period has expired. You are not required to pick up the item if you no longer desire it.

If you are interested in setting up a private jewelry loan appraisal contact us at

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