Pawn Shop

A PAWN is a collateral loan. There’s no need to go to your local bank for a loan.


When in need of a quick cash loan, bring in any article of value. We will appraise your article, assign value to it, hold your item and lend you cash instantly. When you return the cash plus a small  interest, we will return your article. All items are stored in our secure, insured facility until you are ready to pick them up.


Loans are written in 1 to 6 month increments. If you do not have the full amount borrowed on the day your loan matures, simply pay the interest, and your loan automatically renews for another term. It is simple and Fair.


Union Jewelers Exchange provides fast and easy cash loan services in exchange for an item of value! Come bring in your new or old gold, jewelry, diamonds, watches, electronics, motor vehicles, or anything of value and receive an instant cash loan. Loans are written in 1 to 6 month increments at a low monthly interest rate of 4.5%, and can receive the cash loan as many times as needed based on the value of the item(s). Once the loan period has ended, you have the option to either pay the interest owed and extend the loan for another term OR pay the interest plus the principal amount and redeem the item. If you no longer want the item, you are not obligated to pick it up.

If you are interested in setting up a private jewelry loan appraisal contact us at

(908) 688-6232.