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What are loose diamonds?

When someone mentions "loose diamond," they typically mean a diamond that has already been cut and polished. A loose diamond is the end product of a rough diamond collected from a mine. A loose diamond has not been set in a ring, pendant, earring, or another item of jewelry and is available for purchase.

When you hold a loose diamond in your hand, you can examine it from every angle, including weight, size, depth, color, and clarity. All big valuation firms will never verify a mounted diamond; but, if the diamond is loose, all significant appraisal businesses would.

What are loose diamonds
Different cuts

Different cuts

The most brilliant diamond cuts: round cut diamonds maximize brightness. The princess cut, which is the second most common diamond shape, is designed to maximize radiance. The cushion has a pillow-like form and an antique sense, as well as a distinctive, romantic appeal.

Emerald-Cut-A beautiful diamond cut with sweeping lines that gives the stone a polished and elegant look. Oval-cut diamonds, which gently stretch fingers, creating the optical appearance of length. Radiant Cut Diamonds combine the brilliance of a Round Cut with the elegance of a square or rectangle shape. There are different cuts to choose from.

Diamond certification

It's difficult to shop for loose diamonds without first determining the quality of the diamond. Choose a certified diamond with a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society Laboratories, often known as GIA and AGS, to ensure that you know exactly what you're getting.

These two labs are well-known non-profit organizations with the purpose to safeguard consumers throughout the world. The 4Cs and the diamond grading system used across the world were created by the GIA. AGS was the first to provide ideal cut grades and was the pioneer of diamond cut grading. Buy loose diamonds in Tempe from Finer Jewelry with all the certificates.

Diamond certification
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