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What are Loose Diamonds?

In common language when someone mentions “loose diamond”, it typically indicates a diamond that was cut and polished. A loose diamond is an ultimate product that started with a rough diamond that came out from the mine. A loose diamond is a diamond that is ready to be sold and mounted on a ring, pendant, earring, or any other item of jewelry.

When you hold a loose diamond in your hand, you may examine the 4 C's of the diamond from every angle, including weight, size, depth, color, and clarity. All major appraisal firms will never verify a diamond if it is mounted, but if it is loose.

What are Loose Diamonds


Wholesalers and retailers sell loose diamonds all around the world. Diamonds are available in a variety of carat weights and grades. So, while looking for a diamond, there is a loose diamond for any budget and desire. Loose diamonds are available in the basic white hue as well as exotic colors such as white, pink, yellow, and even rarer and more expensive colors such as blue and red. Loose diamonds are frequently acquired to be set in bespoke jewelry, engagement rings, or even as an investment.

Why buy Loose Diamonds?

Purchasing a loose diamond as opposed to pre-made jewelry allows you to acquire a diamond with exact specifications and utilize it in a bespoke setting. You may also save money by purchasing a loose diamond and having it set by a jeweler.

Every diamond is one of a kind. The 4 Cs of diamonds: cut, clarity, color, and carat influence the rarity and value of a diamond. The diamond jewelers most commonly used in engagement rings and other jewelry adhere to the preferences of the ordinary consumer. So, you can buy diamonds of your choice.

Why buy Loose Diamonds
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