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Diamonds are extracted from the earth's crust in places all over the globe. When a diamond is mined, it is referred to as rough. It goes through a mapping and cutting process to create the best shape possible from the rough. Machines expertly cut raw diamonds to ensure that the finest color, sparkle, and facets come through. If this is completed, they are perfectly finished and ready to be used. Wholesalers and dealers sell loose gems all around the country. Diamonds are available in a variety of carat weights and qualities. So, when looking for a gem, there is a loose diamond for any budget and choice. Loose diamonds are available in classic white and as well as in fancy colors such as white, pink, purple, and other more unusual and precious colors.

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Diamonds have been cut in a multitude of types throughout history. Although diamonds were once hand-made, they are now mainly machine cut. Loose diamonds are found in different cutting forms.

Brilliant Cuts :

The most traditional diamond cut used in jewelry. The diamond is carved with more facets in it to allow for more light reflecting in the diamond. This allows every piece of jewelry to shine from any perspective. Machine cutting is used to ensure accuracy and balance across the many facets of a brilliant-cut diamond. The round d is the most popular form for a genius cut.

Modernized Brilliant Cut :

A fancy cut diamond is another name for a modified brilliant cut. This means that the cutting style is the same as in a circular diamond, but the diamond shape can differ. Heart, oval, marquise, oval, and pear are common modified-brilliant shapes. Since a fewer portion of rough diamonds must be lost in these shapes than in circular brilliants, they can be less costly than brilliant squares.

Step Cuts :

Step cut diamonds are less common but have a distinct appearance. They have facets that lie parallel to one another and the stone's edge. The facets are cleanly cut and exact, and the eye is drawn to the big facet at the diamond's highest point.

Old World Cuts :

Old world cuts are those that were handcrafted with older diamonds. These loose diamonds are also known as European cut diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, and Old Miner cut diamonds. This was the main form of diamond cutting until the round brilliant cutting process was mastered and computers came to the forefront.

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