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What is the worth of my loose diamonds?

This depends on two factors- the current market value as well as the certifications of the diamonds. If any jeweler wants to buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices in Houston, they will need the certifications and the appraised value of your loose diamonds. Do not just show up at any jeweler and demand a certain sum of money for your diamonds. If you do so, chances are you might be taken for a ride or turned away for your high demands. If you really want to know the right price for your diamonds, read on.

What is the worth of my loose diamonds?

How to sell loose diamonds?

Find out its true value

You have to show your diamonds to an expert to know their worth. These appraisers will charge you a fee, but you can be sure you aren’t taken for a ride.

Don’t give in to pressure

To get a better deal, some jewelers resort to pressurizing novice sellers to sell them at a price they quote. Stand your ground and move on if the jeweler is not ready to budge.

Get the certificates for the sale

The value of the diamonds is determined by the GIA/IGI certificates it has. Ensure you have these as well as the purchase receipts with you during the sale.

Don’t get emotional

Though these diamonds may have a sentimental value, it is best to not get emotional, as this may mean either facing losses or not getting your diamonds sold.

The appraised value and cash offer will differ

The appraised value can be said as the value of the diamonds when they are new. The cash offer given by the jeweler is the actual market value of the diamonds. While negotiating, try to bridge this gap.

Sell your diamonds for the right price in Houston

Many people sell cheap diamonds in Houston which are imitations of the original. If you are looking for the right value for your diamonds, beware of such people. Instead, contact Finer diamonds where you are sure to get the right value of your diamonds. Here at Finer diamonds, our experienced staff will help you get the right value for your precious diamonds. With us, you are in safe hands. We never have and never will give you a raw deal.

Sell your diamonds for the right price in Houston
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