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A certificate only tells part of the tale, but viewing a loose diamond in super magnification allows you to learn more about it.

Choose the best loose diamond for your engagement ring.

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Round cut diamonds are exceptional and are of the brilliant cut. They are cut with 58 facets to reflect light back to your eyes.


Diamonds with distinct square shapes are slightly rectangular. This is one of the premium and most popular diamond shapes.


Cushion-Cut diamonds possess great radiance and fire you can’t take your eyes off them. The most unique shape adds more grace to your jewelry.

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Express your own style by choosing your own diamond, own ring style, and thousands of style combinations. Design your own ring that tells your story of love in just a few simple steps. From Statement rings, Solitaires, Vintages or Halos define your style & personality with the type of ring you want.

Certified Diamonds

Every loose diamond is conflict-free and confirmed by one of the top grading laboratories. Every diamond at our place is meticulously verified and ethically sourced. We only work with the most trustworthy and well-regulated diamond vendors.

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Diamond Education

Each diamond is hand-picked and evaluated according to its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, but Union Jewelers' method goes above and beyond traditional diamond grading. Learn how to choose the ideal diamond and feel confident in your decision. Click to get expert advice.

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