Diamond Auctions GENERAL FAQ

Q: Who can participate in the Finer Jewelry Diamond Auctions?
A: Any person that can provide proof of ownership and looking to get the most money when selling their own jewelry.

Q: Do I need to be a customer of Finer Jewelry to participate in The Jewelry Auctions?
A: No, however, you must be the owner of the jewelry and provide the necessary registration forms before you are allowed to participate in the auction.

Q: How frequent are the auctions?
A: Auctions are normally held twice a month, starting on the first and third Mondays of every month.

Q: How long are the auctions?
A: Auctions last 3 days and will normally begin the first and third Monday of every month at 12:00pm EST and will end on the following Wednesday at 02:00pm EST.

Q: What type of diamonds will be featured in the auctions?
A: Single and mounted diamonds from 1.00ct and up.

Q: Are there fees to participate in the auctions?
A: There is no fee, Finer Jewelry will pay the shipping to the auction and back. We also guarantee your payment. You have full control to accept the offer or not.


Q: How do I become a seller?
A: Contact us in order to schedule an appointment, bring your jewelry with you and any documentation related to it.

Q: How do I ship my diamonds to Finer Jewelry?
A: Once registered, you will be able to list all diamonds you are shipping and print a packing list and shipping label directly from the platform. All shipping costs to and from Finer Jewelry are covered. Finer Jewelry fully insures all diamonds while they are on our premises.

Q: Is there a maximum dollar value I can ship?
A: No, however, when using our shipping labels there is a $100,000 maximum insurance limit that will require an additional separate package when shipping over that limit.

Q: When will I be notified of the highest offers made for my diamonds?
A: Result notifications will be emailed as soon as the auction closes. Additionally, our unique auction features will allow you the option to view offers in real-time for any diamond submitted on our auction portal.

Q: When will I be paid?
A: Payment will be processed within 7-10 business days of auction close.

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