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Shop the stunning collection of natural and lab-grown diamonds at Union Jewelers. We allow you to create your fine jewelry customized to fit your style & preferences.

Create your Designer Jewelry

Turn your affection into jewelry with a custom design that is personalized as per your partner's choice, budget, and style. Every aspect of your choice & our stunning handmade jewelry will be meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans.



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Union Jewelers provide the best value for your precious diamond, gold, loose diamonds, and precious branded valuables. Our experts quote you the best price always.

Natural Diamonds

Union Jewelers is the best marketplace to sell your natural diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

We buy lab-grown diamonds and we are trusted by sellers worldwide.


Sell your gold to us and we will ensure we pay the best value to you.

Diamond Jewelry

We know the true worth of your diamonds and we are happy to give you competitive estimates.

Broken Jewelry

Get cash today for your broken diamond jewelry, get the value you trust.

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    Lab-Grown Diamonds

    Lab-grown diamonds (also known as lab-manufactured, man-made, synthetic, or cultured diamonds) are chemically, visually, and technically similar to earth mined diamonds, and are more ethical, beautiful, and economical.

    We're re-creating the earth's natural process by crystallizing carbon in a modern-day lab environment to create beautiful diamonds that are up to 40% less expensive and devoid of human & nature concerns.

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    Natural Diamonds

    Union Jewelers provides GIA-certified natural diamonds, as well as our special brilliant diamonds, which are the finest and brightest in our collection. With stunning GIA-graded real diamonds, the highest-quality material, and superb diamond jewelry design at an incredible value, our highly experienced artisans surpass industry norms.

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    Diamond Jewelry

    We have a large range of Ideal-cut diamond jewelry on hand. Each diamond has been hand-picked for its exceptional fire and brightness. Each diamond is accompanied by a Grading Report Certificate, which is the benchmark within the diamond industry for determining cut, color, clarity, & carat weight.

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    Purchasing a loose diamond has several advantages to the customers. You may get a loose diamond that meets your preferred specs and quality features and then get it mounted into your selected setting for a totally bespoke jewelry. Loose diamonds also make it simpler to judge quality because it's harder to disguise flaws that might otherwise be hidden by jewelry mountings.


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Union Jewelers

We believe there's a finer way to buy jewels & diamonds because there's a better way to manufacture them—which is intelligent, conscious, creative, and allows you to get more for less expense.

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You may rest assured that your priceless treasures are in good hands with a team of designers, jewelers, gemologists, and advisors whose life passion is the creation of fine jewelry. Check our Instagram feed to know more.

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    We craft fine & custom-made diamond jewelry so you make your someone feel special, even if that someone is you.

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